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Strawberry Fruit Parfait Tarts // Coconut and Beeswax Wax Melts / FAKE FOOD

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These little adorable fruit parfait tarts are made from coconut wax with beeswax fruit embeds. They are not to be consumed and are FAKE FOOD.

They are all scented with our fruit smooches fragrance.  Each tart size wax melt weighs approximately 1 and a half ounces.  Each vary in weight due to the different embeds within each one. Each tart has fruit embeds throughout, not just on the top.

These work perfectly when placed in your wax melter and soon your room will be filled with the fruity smell of strawberries, melons and berries. 

These are all hand-poured in tart molds and made in Santa Clarita, Ca.  


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