Soap Crayon Set for bath time

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You won't have any trouble getting the kids to take a bath when you let them use these soap crayons. They'll help to make bath time a work of art. Each set contains 6 crayons: red, pink, yellow, purple, green and blue. Each tube contains .5 oz of soap in a twist up tube. These are scented with Fruit Loop fragrance and each one is heavily colored with pigment oxides. These are for bathtub walls ONLY and not to be used on precious stone like marble, granite, travertine, etc. And you'll need to use a little bit of elbow grease to scrub off the walls.

Ingredients are: Soap base, glycerine, fragrance, chromium oxide, and ultramarines.

Each tube is .5 oz and packaged in a plastic box that measures 4.25x5.5x1.375.