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Realistic Raspberry Embed for Candle Making and Dessert Candles / FAKE FOOD

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These are hand-poured raspberries that look so realistic you'll want to eat them. The magenta hue in these raspberries will vary to give you a varying degree of "ripeness".

Each raspberry is approximately 1" and these are best used to top a dessert candle. The raspberries have a small bump from the mold, and that can be hidden in your topping or any of your candle creations. See pictures for one way I used them in my candles.

These can be purchased as batches of 4oz, 8oz and 16oz packages. There are approximately 75 raspberries in an 8 oz bag.

If you need something specific, feel free to contact me and we'l get you set up with what you need.

These ship from Santa Clarita, CA.


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