Organic Lavender Infused Almond Oil (2oz glass bottle)

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Are you like me, you love being in the sun? Treat yourself to this handcrafted 100% pure almond oil infused with all-natural organic lavender flowers. This oil was heat-infused for 72 hours and bottled without any additives. This all natural infused almond oil can be used directly on the skin after too much sun exposer, or added to any of your favorite essential oil roller blends. This carrier oil contains all the benefits of lavender and will compliment your roller recipes. When making your roller recipe, use this infused oil as your carrier oil of choice. Each bottle is glass and contains 2 ounces of oil. The bottle can easily be reused or recycled. Ingredients: 100% pure almond oil, organic lavender flowers. To use just apply a few drops on clean skin, and lightly massage for a few seconds. The expiration date is one year from the date made, and will be on the bottom of each glass bottle. If you would like a fragrance or essential oils added, send me a message.